Privacy Policy

Athome Tuition Inc. ("the Company") believes that the proper handling of personal information is not only fundamental to its business activities, but is also a corporate social responsibility because of its importance.

To ensure that personal information is responsibly protected, the Company operates this website in accordance with the provisions set forth herein regarding the protection of personal information. These provisions are based on the Company's Information Security Policy.

  1. Personal information in this privacy policy means information that can identify an individual user, such as his or her name, address, telephone number, or email address, that is collected from a user via this website, or any other information that is unique to an individual user.
  2. The Company has appointed an administrator who is responsible for the proper handling of personal information.
  3. In addition to using personal information collected from users to provide services on this website, the Company may use personal information for the following purposes:
    1. To reply to a user in response to inquiries from such user;
    2. To inform users of the Company's products and services;
    3. To solicit users' opinions on the Company's services; or
    4. To prepare statistical reports on the use of services on this website and other trends.
  4. The Company provides a secure environment that encrypts submitted data using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to ensure that personal information is exchanged safely when it is collected from users. The Company has also built firewalls, implemented virus protection measures and taken other reasonable security measures to strictly safeguard and handle personal information collected from users as well as to prevent leakage or misappropriation of, or tampering with personal information due to unauthorized third-party access.
  5. However, the Company makes no warranty that the leakage or loss of, or tampering by a third party with personal information can be completely prevented in light of the fact that the above measures do not provide security in all circumstances.

  6. The Company may provide personal information collected from users to partner companies to whom it outsources operations and suppliers, for the purposes of providing services on this website and any purposes listed in item (3) above. Otherwise, the Company undertakes not to disclose personal information to third parties, except in the following cases:
    1. Disclosure of personal information is required by law.
    2. The Company decides that it is appropriate for a partner company to respond directly to an inquiry from a user.
    3. The Company provides and discloses personal information to partner companies with whom it has concluded confidentiality agreements to the extent required to prepare, implement or follow-up on services offered by the Company.
    4. The Company discloses personal information to partner companies with whom it has concluded confidentiality agreements for prize competitions and the like.
    5. The Company receives prior consent from users to disclose personal information.
    6. The disclosure of personal information will prevent significant damage to the lives, health or property of users or to the general public.
  7. The Company imposes a contractual obligation on all companies to whom it sends personal information to properly handle that information so as to prevent leakage and so on.
  8. Access logs are kept to gauge the popularity of various services offered on this website. Access logs contain information including domain names, IP addresses, the type of browser used, and date and time of access, but do not contain any personal information that can identify an individual. Access logs are used solely as a source of statistical information, and are not combined with the personal information of users.
  9. In the event that the Company receives a request from a user to check, revise, delete or otherwise modify his or her own personal information, the Company will fulfill such a request within a reasonable period of time only after it has confirmed that the individual making the request is the actual user himself or herself.
  10. The Company will abide by laws and regulations applicable to the personal information held by this website, and will endeavor to improve through regular reviews the provisions in this privacy policy.

Users are asked to send inquiries related to the handling of personal information to the contact address for this website.


The Company does not and cannot assume responsibility for the security of personal information of users on other websites linked to this website. It is recommended that users confirm for themselves the security of their personal information by familiarizing themselves with the standards for handling personal information and related information at websites other than the Company's, or by contacting the division or individual responsible for website administration where there are no such standards.