Written Essay Guidance and Grading Service

As a rule, students will always benefit from expert feedback when they write an essay. As they learn from this feedback, they will become much better writers over time. This is why it is essential for students to write and then receive as much feedback as possible. By studying AtHome Tuition’s Writing Program, students are able to submit reports and essays anytime they want and get insightful feedback, analysis or grades within 24 hours of submission of any paper. Our expert academic writing tutors are all educated to a master’s degree or above in some kind of English writing field, so they are able to give the very best kind of individualized feedback. All submitted essays are constructively criticized in order to identify areas of weakness that can benefit from improvements. Over time, students will learn to respond to these critiques and become better writers

The role of our tutors is much like that of a teaching assistant at school. They can give feedback and analysis and assess reports and essays for the student. However, it is important to remember that a student’s school teacher has the final authority over grading. Our tutors always respond quickly to submitted essays and reports, because we have learned that only with timely and detailed feedback can students their writing skills at the maximum speed possible. The faster a student learns to write properly, then the more tutoring he/she will gain, as their school teacher will be spending less time on grading essays and papers and more time actually teaching.

AtHome Tuition’s English tutors can also assist with a student’s course placement. They are able to assess and grade essays or reports by using a standard rubric system. These grades and assessments can then be made available to the student’s college or institution, and their teacher can use them to decide on their placement.

Our tutors’ skill lies in carefully reviewing each essay or report that is submitted. They will pay particular attention to students’ organization, grammar, reasoning and idea development skills. Feedback will be given for the following concepts:

  • Organizational skills

  • Paragraph construction and use of evidence

  • Thesis development

  • Idea development

  • Grammar and punctuation

  • Sentence construction

  • Citations

  • Formatting and length requirements