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Our Mandarin courses are professional and innovative.  We believe in making language learning interactive, diverse and fun as well as informative.

In fact, our bank of native Chinese tutors are qualified, skilled and practiced at giving our students a great online experience.

We offer a beginner to advanced course and incorporate the following areas:

Basic Chinese

Our basic Chinese course introduces you to the principles of ‘pinyin’ (a widely-used method of writing Mandarin Chinese using the Latin alphabet). We also help you to master the four tones and understand Chinese pronouns, numbers, greetings, telling the time, the Mandarin calendar, saying goodbye, colours, directions, nationalities and geography. The course is intended as a ‘taster’ for the rudimentary essentials of this language.  


Business Chinese

Our Business Chinese course covers different subject topics as you progress.

Level 1: Will give those with limited knowledge a foundation in basic business activities and etiquette.

Level 2:  Topics for study include, arranging company meetings and presenting product information. We will also familiarise you with the basic structure of Chinese characters.

Level 3: You will learn about business proposals and sales negotiations.

Level 4: You will study business situations related to placing simple orders.

Level 5: Sales strategies, product improvements and understanding more complex business documentation.

Level 6: The introduction to financial services, intellectual property and economic trends feature in our Level 6 material.

Level 7: Product planning and launch together with marketing tactics are covered during level 7.

Level 8: E-commerce, supply chain management and business schemes are discussed in Level 8.

Level 9: By this level, students should be prepared to appreciate and interpret practically all forms of the written business Chinese language and be able to speak to near native fluency. We will expect you to find the underlying meaning in business texts and write a thesis related to your findings .

Travel Chinese

The aims of the course are to familiarize students with the Chinese names of popular places in China, have an adequate command of the language in order to travel, conduct basic conversational techniques (e.g. asking directions, ordering food, shopping).

For our advanced students, we look to teach you the more sophisticated phrases and dialogues you can use whilst travelling in China. This includes understanding Chinese slang and equipping you for complex situations like bargaining with the locals.    


Chinese Culture

This course is really about broadening your views and knowledge about China by exploring the history, traditions, customs and arts of the country.